Origgon DragonFly 1.0 Search Update!

Origgon DragonFly 1.0 Search Update!

DragonFly 1.0 Search Update

Hello publishers! today Origgon has confirmed the DragonFly 1.0 Search Algorithm update.  The confirmation was made by Abhik Saha, CTO & Head of Search at Origgon.

He adds that “The DragonFly 1.0 update will affect nearly 79% of search results and will affect vastly blogs and news websites.“;

He further adds that “The search update will be live from the mid march and will bring a very big change to the interface and search order and ranking of results. The update will add new features such as featured snippets, instant answers, more detailed and enriched descriptions, mobile first support , and also numerous changes to the platform.“;

He says that  ” Websites those who show excessive adds , has difficulty of text reading and lacks basic optimization and also having no genuine content and low social ranks will be vastly affected. Further real and genuine content will be largely valued and also those who have more social ranks. “;

He also says that “Social media friends will also play a great role in ranking order for every individual but also taking things into consideration. Now more interest diverse and more personalized set of ranking will be achieved that will very for every individual“;

DragonFly 1.0 Black:Hat

The update confirms that many numerous changes has been made to the core algorithm.

Abhik Stated that last in year in 2017 around 133 changes were made to the core to make a more mobile first , trusted and social first approach.

Machine Learning & AI was deployed deeply to segment and personalize rank orders for every individual.

Vast Number of sites has been affected!

The Update removes sites from the following category:

1> Sites those steal content from others, has fake links, has too many ads

2> Sites those have more artificial links then natural, tends to be something else

3> Sites those convey false information or use too much SEO

4> Sites having rubbish content and also having no genuine content


The update also adds:

1> Featured and extricated summary snippets

2> Images and more classified description

3> Mobile first and Mobile responsive sites first for mobile

4> Better results and more improved social accuracy and speed.

5> Instant follow topics and feed



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